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“Your homes are dirty!” says cleaning company

What lies beneath? Full wallets, family heirlooms and dead pets discovered under UK fridges

Many of us are guilty of skimping on the housework at the end of a long week, but findings from a new survey might make you think twice about putting that mop away so quickly.

A cleaning company has revealed the shocking, weird and sometimes wonderful finds from beneath kitchen appliances, including family heirlooms, winning lottery tickets and dead pets

According to a leading cleaning company, careless Britons have also dropped a small fortune in cash, clothes and jewellery behind fridges, cookers and washing machines in a trove that could be worth millions of pounds.

Source: Daily Mail, 29 May 2014

"Your homes are Dirty!"

It seems that no matter how good you think you are at cleaning, you’re just not up to scratch – missing those vital nooks and crannies where all manner of everyday dirt might hide and fester. If only there were a solution to your squalor!

A spokesman for ContractCleaning.co.uk, who polled their employees, said: ‘We appear to be a nation of clumsy people, and not only that we’re lazy as well, with many people admitting they’ve never once cleaned behind the fridge.

Given that this story was created and pushed into the news by a professional cleaning company, it’s little surprise that the results condemned our cleanliness so. That said, there’s a silver lining here: ContractCleaning.co.uk created this story by polling its employees… therefore, what we’ve really discovered, if this story is true (usual caveats apply, there), is that people who hire professional cleaners to clean their homes are utterly filthy.

If you clean your own kitchen, this story does not apply to you – so mop on, you crazy diamond!