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“People enjoy foreign food!” says food company named after foreign city, via OnePoll

Food news now, with the revelation that British people regularly eat cuisine from outside of the rich and varied culinary tapestry that is exclusively British food:

Brits eating eight meals from around the world each week – here are our favourites

Brits tuck into eight meals a week from around the world, research has found.

A study of 2,000 adults found the average Brit is on a journey of culinary discovery, eating around one meal every day with roots originated across the globe.

And over the course of the average week, Brits will sample dishes from three different countries, with Chinese, Italian and Indian the most popular.

Source: Mirror, 28th June 2019

Who would have thought that food from outside of a specific 100 square miles of the earth’s surface would prove popular? And more to the point, who would have thought that pointing out so banal a fact would prove newsworthy?

Christina Honigfort, head of marketing at New York Bakery Co., which commissioned the study, said: “Authenticity is at the heart of creating dishes that taste as good at home as they do in the country the recipes and cooking or baking methods originated in.

“The research shows that Brits are passionate about this authenticity.

“It’s easier than ever to keep your kitchen stocked with authentic products and ingredients that match the tastes of the cities that inspired them, from bagels in the delis of New York to spices from markets in New Delhi.”

Speaking of authenticity, this fake news story was cooked up by 72 Point.