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“People don’t know how to tell how healthy they are!” says private health firm

Over HALF of Britons determine if they are fit by looking in the MIRROR

OVER half of Britons delude themselves into thinking they are fit and healthy by simply looking at their bodies in the mirror, a survey has revealed.

And 51 per cent of the population would only change their day-to-day lifestyle if they had a serious warning from their GP, the research found.

The study exposed UK adults’ misguided approach to health monitoring which appears to be based on us assuming we are fine as long as we look all right.

Source: Express, 15th November 2016


People are terrible at judging how fit they are, preferring to look at themselves in the mirror (or, as in the case of the illustration in the article, to get their older sister to stand in her underwear on the other side of a hole in the wall, apparently). The finding that people can’t be trusted to keep care of themselves is useful, given that it comes from a private health firm:

The survey of 1,000 adults, commissioned by Bupa Health Clinics, found people in Bristol agonise for eight weeks before deciding to see a doctor by far the longest in the country.

Perhaps it’s time to stop agonising and to commit to seeing someone about that niggling health condition, right Bupa?

Philip Luce of Bupa said: “This research shows that despite the fantastic advances we’ve made in medicine Britons still take an age-old approach to their health.

“In fact, people are more likely to visit a doctor if they can see something unusual or different about their body than if they’ve been feeling unwell for a few days.

“I’d encourage people to check in on how they’re feeling more often, whether that’s a health check or a quick overview from day to day.”

And if you’re wondering where you can get one of those health checks done, I’m sure Bupa have some suggestions.

“Online estate agents are great!” says online estate agent

How an online estate agent could save you a small fortune: But would you be a DIY seller to get a cheaper flat-fee?

Rocketing property prices are pushing thousands of homeowners to sell through cheap online estate agents.

Traditional High Street agents charge sellers a percentage of the sale price of their property — so the more your home is worth, the higher your fee.

And as property prices have increased, so, inevitably, have the costs.

A typical fee is around 1.5 per cent plus VAT — but can be as high as 3.5 per cent. That means on a home worth £150,000 the estate agency fee can be up to £6,300.

Source: Daily Mail, 8th September 2015


Gone are the days of the awkward meetings in drab offices with stereotypically-slippery estate agents – instead, these days, the best property deals happen exclusively online. At least according to this glorified press release from online estate agent Purplebricks:

Britain’s largest online firm, Purplebricks, claims that 70 per cent of its business is done outside of traditional working hours through its helpline, which allows customers to book viewings or give decisions on offers.

You may have heard of Purplebricks before – they were the company behind another very important piece of research earlier in the month:

Jamie Oliver a woman’s perfect flatmate

A WOMAN’S dream flatmate is celebrity chef Jamie Oliver or Great British Bake Off star Mary Berry, a survey has revealed.

While 70 per cent of men opted to share a pad with former England football captain David Beckham, women went for a flatmate who was good in the kitchen.

Most UK women (57 per cent) wanted to share a house with Jamie Oliver, with Mary Berry coming second with 28 per cent.

Source: Express, 3rd September 2015