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“Parenting is hard, you’re probably going to want some advice!” says parenting website, via OnePoll

Baby news now, with the revelation that people ask for advice about naming their children:

One in 20 parents choose their child’s name by asking stranger’s opinions online

Naming your child after an ex, a sports team or a celebrity tot are among the UK’s biggest baby name turn-offs, a study has found.

Despite claims that celebrities influence the nation’s baby name choices, two in five couples refuse to pick the same name as any famous child.

And 20 per cent also can’t stand babies being named after adult celebrities.

Source: Mirror, 26th June 2019

It’s little surprise, then, to see that this is a story created and published by a parenting website keen to remind parents that strangers can be an excellent source of parenting information:

One in five of those polled by parenting site ChannelMum.com  have also red-carded any reference to sports teams and two thirds won’t use monikers which are already popular in their local area.

It’s even less of a surprise to see that ChannelMum paid 72 Point to get their marketing message published in a national newspaper.