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“You need to follow expert advice to find live!” says dating site claiming to be experts

Stuck looking for The One? Expert reveals what YOU should be considering in a partner (and opposites definitely DON’T attract)

It’s long been claimed that opposites attract but experts have found that may not be the case after all.

After looking at a number of different physical and personality traits across more than one million of its members, the experts at Match.com have found that singles are overwhelmingly more likely to hit it off with someone similar to themselves.

Source: Daily Mail, 8th November 2016


Dating advice in the Daily Mail here, courtesy of a dating website who wants to advertise that they exist and want to highlight the fact that they like to promote themselves as experts in dating science – Match.com.

“Men should be insecure about their bodies!” says body-shaping underwear

It’s not just women who want a bum lift! Bottom-boosting pants for men are made to measure for gentlemen hoping to enhance their derrière

If Kim Kardashian has proven anything, it’s that big bums are big business.

Kim, who was officially crowned ‘world’s best bottom’, sparked a new trend for ‘bacials’ – that’s bottom facials – and caused a 45 per cent increase in bottom enhancing procedures over the last 12 months.

However, it isn’t just women getting in on the bum-boosting action. Indeed, a new range of made-to-measure pants that promise to help enhance a man’s behind have been unveiled.

Source: Daily Mail, 13th September 2015


Not content with making women feel insecure about their bodies and encouraging enhancements and cosmetics, the media are encouraging men to obsess about their body shape, and selling them on quick fixes to imaginary problems. Fixes like:

D.HEDRAL – the underwear brand formerly fronted by rugby player and model Thom Evans – has created a collection of pants to boost a man’s behind.

In fact, this full 500-word article, complete with sales video and six marketing shots, is nothing but a clear advert for a cosmetic product, showing that PR is more than adept at making the media look like more of an arse.

“It’s important for men to fulfil the stereotype of ‘Gentleman'” says florist

Showing an admirable level of equality in their insistence on telling people to fulfil standar gender roles, the Daily Express had the following advice for the men of today:

What makes the perfect gentleman? One that will offer the last crips in the packet

NEW rules dictate if you are a “modern gentleman”, not least by offering a female friend the last crisp in the bag.

Taking a woman’s car for an MoT and recording favourite television shows are other etiquette pointers, says a poll of 2,000 women.

A true gent will avoid disturbing his woman by sleeping in the spare room after a night out and will watch football on a laptop so as not to hog the TV.

Source: Daily Express, 1st July 2014


That the source of the story was a ‘say it with flowers’ website encouraging men to buy flowers for the woman in their lives has almost certainly little to do with the findings:

A spokeswoman for florists SerenataFlowers.com, which ordered the study, said: “The definition of a gentleman has definitely evolved.

“But showing consideration even in the smallest way has a positive effect on relationships.

“The majority of today’s women are independent – but they would still like men in their lives to be thoughtful.”

“You’ll almost certainly regret any decision you make about your wedding!” says jeweller

I do… wish I hadn’t! Bridezella lives on AFTER the ceremony as 82% of women admit they would change at least one part of their wedding if they could tie the knot again

A third of brides regret their choice of wedding dress and would change it if they could turn back time, according to new research.

And that’s not all – more than half (52 per cent) would edit the best man’s speech if they had the chance to replay it and a third (31 per cent) would choose a different honeymoon destination.

A staggering 82 per cent of brides would alter at least one aspect of their big day if they could – meaning just 18 per cent have the ‘perfect day’ of their dreams.

Source: Daily Mail, 11th June 2014


A big wedding may be popular culture’s idea of the pinnacle of a woman’s life, but it’s not without risks and regrets – with every incorrect decision apparently haunting a bride for the rest of her life. Regrets about things like… wedding rings:

A quarter of brides (24 per cent) would change their wedding ring – and one in eight would swap their wedding band (13 per cent).

Four out of ten brides (39 per cent) regret allowing their husband to choose their engagement ring. Even if they are happy with the final ring, brides still wish they’d had more input in the decision.

And just under a third (32 per cent) wish they had spent more on the ring because they have to wear it for the rest of their lives.

The focus on wedding rings has almost nothing at all to do with the company who paid for this survey:

Jeweller Vashi Dominguez, who carried out the survey, said the long list of regrets shows how many brides get it wrong on their big day. ‘Most of us only marry once in our lives – why cut corners and skimp on costs?

‘What seems to be really expensive today will be like a drop in the ocean in 10 years’ time. We see women every day buying very expensive diamond rings because they don’t like their engagement rings.

‘Either their circumstances have changed and they can afford a better ring now or fashions have changed and they have previously lumbered themselves with a ring which looks completely inappropriate a few years after the wedding.

‘My advice to all women preparing for their wedding is to think very carefully about the ring because the chances are you won’t get an opportunity to change it.

‘No one wants to be left wearing an engagement ring for 50 years which they don’t like.’

Vashi is right: when it comes to choosing the person you want to spend the rest of your life with and making that commitment in front of everyone you care about, the most important thing is absolutely, without doubt the ring you choose to put on your finger. Trust a jeweller to bring some clarity to a situation like this.

“It’s really important to have a big gem on your engagement ring!” says jeweller

I do…it my way! One in three women choose their own engagement ring (because they don’t trust fiance to get a big enough stone)

It’s a symbol of eternal love that a woman wears for the rest of her life so it comes as no surprise that British women want a say in which engagement ring they get.

But according to a new survey, as many as one in every three women who say ‘yes’ to a marriage proposal has been involved in the purchase of their engagement ring.

In fact, when proposed to with a ring they don’t like, many insist on changes or even a brand new one.

Source: Daily Mail, 13th June 2014


It’s every girl’s nightmare – a fiance who spends a huge amount of money on a really expensive engagement ring. Wait, sorry, specifically the wrong expensive engagement ring. Perhaps there’s somebody who can help avoid such tragedies and disasters:

A spokesperson for Rare Pink, who commissioned the survey, said: ‘Traditionally the choice of engagement ring has been down solely to the man. But, clearly, our research shows that in many cases they get the choice of ring wrong.

‘That can prove to be an expensive mistake with the average engagement ring costing well over £1,000. Ladies feel pressured that they have to wear their engagement ring forever and no one wants to be forced to wear something they don’t like.’

Well, thank god there’s a jewellery store on hand to remind us how awful it can be to get the wrong extremely-expensive engagement ring, and how important it is to get it right.

“Buy a new television, you’ll have better sex!” says voucher company offering discount TVs

Does having a TV in your bedroom lead to more sex?

Those of you that spend your precious post-work hours in bed watching Game Of Thrones, give yourself a pat on the back, because it’s you lucky chaps that are getting more sex. Hurrah!

According to a new survey, couples who have a television set in their bedroom have sex twice a week, compared to those who don’t, who only engage in love-making *snigger* once a week.

Well, it’s hard to have spontaneous sex while you’re sitting in separate armchairs, balancing a cup of tea and some HobNobs isn’t it?

Source: Metro, 29th May 2014


Want to spice up your love life? Get a TV in your bedroom! People with a telly in the boudoir have TWICE as much sex (what ARE they watching?)

Having a TV in your bedroom may damage your sleep cycle – but it could also spice up your sex life, if the latest research is to be believed.
Those with a TV in their bedroom have sex, on average, twice as much as those who don’t, according to a new poll.

Initially all respondents were asked ‘Do you have a TV in your bedroom?’ to which three quarters, 74 per cent, of the people taking part said ‘yes’.

Source: Daily Mail, 3rd June 2014


In the world of tabloids and cheap PR, there’s no shortage of companies and products promising you a better sex live. There are plenty of examples listed on this very website, no less.

Who is it this time pressing the big red button labelled SEX?

A spokesperson for VoucherCodesPro.co.uk, who commissioned the research, said: ‘We’re a little surprised that Britons who have a TV in their bedroom have a more active sex life than those who don’t, but it makes more sense when you look at the possible reasons why.

Oh really, discount voucher website? You believe this is genuine research, then? And definitely not about convincing people to take advantage of your discount deals on televisions?

‘However, we’d suggest that if they were wondering how to improve their sex lives, they could do so simply by purchasing a TV for their bedroom.

‘Technology is becoming such a pivotal part of everyday life and it’s becoming much more common to have a TV in your bedroom than to not.

Whilst it’s much better for your health to use your bedroom as a place to sleep and your living room as a place to watch TV, it seems that the addition of a plasma could spice things up between the sheets!’

I thought as much.

“People lie in their dating profile photos!” says dating site that ‘focuses on personality’

One in five online daters are ‘unrecognisable’ in the flesh and a quarter use photos more than FIVE years old (but avoid selfies because men HATE them)

Ever turned up to meet a Tinder date and had to double take because your suitor looks nothing like their profile picture? You’re not alone.

A new survey has revealed that a third of online daters are disappointed when they meet up with their date, with 21 per cent describing them as ‘unrecognisable’.

That’s a shame for the 48 per cent of Brits who have picked a dating partner purely on looks, only to endure an evening of boredom and awkward silences.

Source: Daily Mail, 5th June 2014


With such apparent deception and mendacity in the world of online dating, the internet, it seems, is composed largely of liars. Don’t just take my word for it – take the word of a poll conducted on, well, the internet. Conducted, it’s worth saying, by an online dating website:

However we’re not totally looks obsessed: 56 per cent of people would rather receive a compliment on their personality than on their looks, found the survey by LoveFlutter.

LoveFlutter being the online dating site which focuses not on looks, but on ‘quirkiness’. If you think that sounds appalling, I imagine you’re right. If it’s a choice between an artificially-enhanced photo and the smug self-diagnosis of quirk, give me a moody black and white filter every time.


“Your partner is probably cheating on you… and you’ll never know it!” says voucher company

A third of Brits cheat on their stag and hen dos, and 88 per cent keep it from their partner

A survey has today revealed that a staggering 31 per cent of brides and grooms-to be cheat on their partners on their stag and hen dos.

Source: Metro, 3rd June 2014


A third of Brits cheat on their stag or hen do…but you’ll probably never find out because 92% keep it from their partner

A stag or hen do is known as the last night of freedom before committing to someone for the rest of your life – and it seems that some Brits really take advantage of that.

New research reveals that a third of stags and hens cheat on their betrothed during their final night of freedom.

Worse still, you’ll probably never find out because 92 per cent of those who cheated said that they’d kept this from their partner.

Source: Daily Mail, 4th June 2014 


Not only is your beloved definitely, definitely cheating on you, but the fact that you don’t think they are only goes to show just how good they are at keeping it a secret – it’s a perfect, watertight argument.

Of course, just as equally, it might be that your partner isn’t actually cheating on you, and that this story is merely a headline-making, eye-catching episode designed to capitalise on spreading fear and paranoia amongst relationships simply to promote a product or service in the mainstream news. But who would do a thing like that?

A spokesperson for vouchercloud, who commissioned the survey, said: ‘I think it’s no secret that when full of alcohol and banter, things can get out of hand on these events and one of these things is the issue of cheating.

‘Many people see this as their chance for a final fling before finally settling down. We were surprised to see that a good two thirds of the country remain faithful even in the excitement of their celebration.

Vouchercloud: the online discount website that says, “Your spouse slept with a stranger!”

“French women prefer food to sex!” says condom maker

Sorry men, 74% of French women prefer going out for a gourmet meal than having sex – and food gives them MORE pleasure.

For years, our continental neighbours have been applauded as chic, slim and poised – all achieved seemingly without effort.

They are famed for never putting on weight – despite enjoying a rich diet of foie gras, escargot and croissants.

And, according to a new survey, French women love eating so much that they’d rather go for a gourmet meal than have sex with their partner.

Source: Daily Mail, 30 May 2014


A tale of woe, from across the Channel, then – our poor Gallic guys and girls, despite their reputation for being a nation of Pepe Le Peu’s, are secretly happier sharing a dessert than a night of passion. And it’s not just the word of a biased and incentivised polling populace – we have experts offering their say too:

Sexologist Gerard Leleu attempted to shed some light on this rather surprising result of Harris Interative’s survey.

He told Stylist magazine: ‘Chemically, the same thing happens in the brain during a “culinary orgasm” and a sexual orgasm.

Which is absolutely true – if you’re allowed to make up an idea like ‘culinary orgasm’, you get to define what this fictional term might mean.

‘In fact, when we are sad and we decide to eat chocolate, we are actually masturbating the hypothalamus.’

“Masturbating the hypothalamus”, of course, being one of the rejected slogans for Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.

That said, masturbating is further from the aims of the survey commissioners than you may imagine:

Durex RealFeel Sexpert Alix Fox said: ‘Apparently Gallic lasses would rather savour some boeuf or bouillabaisse than enjoy an evening dans la boudoir… perhaps they’re having really crepe sex?!

Much as I enjoy a good pun, I object to them being the centre of a news story in a national media outlet.

‘I’d be intrigued to know what time of day this survey was conducted; even those of us with off-the-scale sexual appetites and highly compatible, skilled partners might be tempted to rate food as more pleasurable than intimacy if asked just before lunch, when our stomachs are growling more loudly than our libidos.

It’s fascinating to think that the spokeswoman for Durex is intrigued as to when the survey commissioned by her own condom company was conducted. Perhaps when the report came in, she was otherwise occupied…

“Men prefer football to relationships!” says dating site looking to make headlines

A fifth of British men would skip a funeral, wedding or even the birth of a CHILD to watch the World Cup.

With World Cup fever due to grip the nation in a couple of weeks time, it seems that British men will make some serious sacrifices to watch their team in action.

The boys, including Joe Hart, Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney, may struggle to get past the group stage but devoted football fans don’t seem to care – 63 per cent are planning to watch one or more games anyway, found a new survey.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, men (77 per cent) are more likely to watch a match than their female counterparts (44 per cent).

Source: Daily Mail, 30 May 2014


So, the first ‘shocking’ finding is that 63% of people are planning to watch at least one of the games during the World Cup – hardly headline-worthy news.

So keen are they to cheer their country to victory that over 20 per cent of British men would miss a funeral, wedding or even the birth of their child to watch the World Cup.

We’re now down to one in five men, who say they’d theoretically miss the birth of a child to watch the World Cup. Presumably we’re still talking, as we were before, about ‘at least one of the games’?

One male respondent, who took part in the research, said: ‘If I had an England ticket to the World Cup final, I would miss my own wedding, let alone a friend’s.’

Wait, an England ticket to the World Cup final? So are we now talking about what people would do to watch England play in the final? We may as well be talking about what we’d do to watch them play on the moon.

A spokesperson for DatingPriceGuide, who commissioned the research, said: “It seems the World Cup is as popular as ever, especially if people are willing to risk the wrath of a family member after missing a wedding or partner for missing the birth of their child”

‘Let’s hope for everyone’s sake, England prove their doubters right!’

Nobody for a moment suspected the World Cup was less popular than it used to be, but at least a dating site has taken it upon themselves to confirm it – we can all watch the game in peace, now.