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“Really, don’t forget, it’s nearly holiday time!” says another holiday company

Only 40% of British holidaymakers search for travel deals before booking a holiday – among the worst in Europe (but they do spend the most on booze when abroad)

Brits are among the worst deal hunters in Europe, according to new research.

UK holidaymakers don’t even make the top 10 when it comes to looking for value-for-money trips, with just two fifths searching for seasonal deals prior to booking an escape.

Source: Daily Mail, 10th June 2014


It’s holiday season, and don’t the newspapers know it, with no shortage of vacation reminders gracing the pages of the media. Including this one, ostensibly about last minute deals, but really nothing more than a reminder to check out another specific travel agent for the latest deals:

Data compiled by travel firm Expedia indicates it is the Asian nations and Mexicans who are leading the deal-hunting pack.