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“No, really, don’t forget, it’s nearly holiday time!” says another holiday company

Too revealing! 98% of women hate partners wearing Speedos on the beach … while 2% of men say girls should cover up in kaftans

Men wanting to top up their tan wearing Speedos this summer should think again.

Some 98 per cent of British women say they would not want their man anywhere near the bulge-bearing swimming gear, according to a new poll by travel agency On The Beach.

Swim shorts were the preferred option for 70 per cent of women polled, with 13 per cent saying opting for a more tight-fitting pair of brief shorts.

Source: Daily Mail, 12th June 2014


It’s holiday season, and don’t the newspapers know it, with no shortage of vacation reminders gracing the pages of the media. Including this one, ostensibly about beachware, but really nothing more than a reminder to check out another specific travel agent for the latest deals – in this case, ‘On The Beach’.

Alistair Daly, Chief Marketing Officer at On the Beach, said: ‘We often see pictures of celebrity men wearing tight-fitting Speedos on holiday but our survey suggests that girls are not keen on their partners doing the same.

‘It is a concern that some people don’t wear any form of sun protection. Whilst we all enjoy relaxing on the beach, trying to get that all important tan, everyone should make sure they are using the correct sun protection.’

“People get naked on holiday!” says online holiday firm

Are you looking forward to your beach holiday this Summer? If so, ‘research’ from the Telegraph suggests you may want to pack a little lighter for your holiday abroad this year:

Britons more likely to sunbathe nude abroad than at home

British holidaymakers are more willing to use nudist beaches abroad than on home shores, new research suggests.

One in five Britons are happy to strip off at a nude beach during a holiday abroad while just one in 20 would go to a nudist beach in Britain, according to a survey by the online travel agent On the Beach.

Men were found to be more keen to bare it all than women, with one in three men wiling to use a naturist beach abroad and 10 per cent happy to go clothes-free on Britain’s nudist beaches. Women seemed to be more reserved, with only 12 per cent willing to head to a nudist beach on foreign shores and a mere two per cent saying they would strip off on a beach in Britain.

Source: Telegraph, 19th June 2013

While it may or may not be true that people have an increasingly relaxed and comfortably attitude to the naked form, what’s undeniably true is that this story is simply an attempt by online travel agent On The Beach to use the ever-eyecatching subject of nudity to hit the headlines and convince consumers to use their services to head off to foreign shores:

When on holiday, people often feel more audacious, confident in the knowledge they won’t bump into neighbours, colleagues or old friends,” said Alistair Daly, Chief Marketing Officer at On the Beach.

“The weather could also have an effect on the willingness to strip off, as the chances of sporting obvious and irritating tan lines are somewhat lower after a day spent sunbathing in the mild UK temperatures compared to the scorching summers in the Mediterranean,” he added.

Still, despite being a PR poll we can at least be pleased that the story was following on from previous legitimate research:

A poll earlier this month also revealed that only one per cent of Britons were annoyed by nudity on the beach, with loud music, insects, noisy children and dogs said to be more irritating on a beach than nudity. Bare bodies were placed as the tenth biggest bugbear on a beach.

The poll in question? This one, also from the Telegraph:

British no longer prudes on the beach

The British are no longer a nation of prudes when it comes to nude sunbathing, a poll has found.

A survey asked 16,500 travellers what annoyed them most when relaxing on the beach and, from a range of options, nudity received just one per cent of the vote. That meant bare bodies were the tenth most irritating situation to encounter on the beach.

Beach sellers who cut into important tanning time were actually what annoyed British holidaymakers the most, according to 21 per cent of respondents.

Source: Telegraph, 6th June 2013

The originators of the previous poll?

The survey was conducted by online travel agent On the Beach (onthebeach.co.uk).

Alistair Daly, chief marketing officer at On the Beach, said: “We are renowned as a nation of prudes, especially compared to some of our more liberal European neighbours, however our results show that Britons are no longer offended by nudity, so it would seem this stereotype is somewhat obsolete.”

Nonsense built on nonsense, then.