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“People don’t understand the benefit of benefit-free treatment!” says seller of benefit-free treatment

February 27th, 2012

Local papers last week were keen to dispel the myths around acupuncture, given that many people are apparently unaware of the health benefits of the needle-based therapy. Which is almost certainly because there are no health benefits of the needle-based therapy. 

The Thame Gazette is one such local paper, which went with the story:

Do you miss the whole point of acupuncture?

WITH Acupuncture Awareness Week just around the corner one Thame specialist is keen to help dispel some of the myths and misconceptions.

A recent survey by OnePoll revealed that many people still do not understand the possible benefits the health treatment offers.

The poll was commissioned by OnePoll, for the British Acupuncture Council, who want you to think that there are health benefits to acupuncture and if you don’t know what those health benefits are, you should ask during Acupuncture Awareness Week