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“Women need warning before a surprise holiday!” says airline company

Men thinking of booking a surprise trip for their other half should think again, if ‘research’ published in the Daily Telegraph is to be believed:

Planning a surprise trip? Give her eight days’ notice

Women may claim that they desire spontaneity from their man, but a study suggests they actually want eight days’ notice of any “surprise” trip.

Three out of five women in the survey confessed to hating surprises and a third said they would hate it if their partner suddenly sprang a short break on them.

But that may be just as well, because the average woman is treated to just two romantic trips from their partner during the course of a relationship, the research found.

Source: Daily Telegraph, 23 October 2012

What’s more, the Daily Mail agreed:

DON’T surprise her! Women confess they hate spontaneity from their partner – especially if they spring a weekend away

This will come as a surprise to many men who expect to earn Brownie points by whisking their other half off for a surprise romantic getaway. 

In a recent survey, 60 per cent of women confessed they hate surprises, with a third admitting they would be annoyed if their partner sprang a holiday on them – because they would have no time to prepare for it.

The research found the typical woman wants seven days and 11 hours notice before even the shortest break so she can plan her outfits (with at least three shopping trips) and arrange cover at work.

Source: Daily Mail, 22 October 2012

Yet, the ‘research’ is in fact a press release put out by British Airways, to remind men that sometimes women actually like to be taken on holiday, and that British Airways fly people to their holidays:

“All the cool kids go abroad loads!” says airline firm

British people are more adventurous than ever before, according to new ‘research’. And how exactly does this spirit of adventure manifest itself? From The Daily Express, November 9th 2012:


THE average adult will travel more than 18,000 miles around the world by the age of 40 – nearly seven times as far as their parents.

A study yesterday revealed the typical 40-year-old has been on at least 13 holidays abroad and 21 in the UK while their parents would have only visited five European countries, clocking up 2,653 miles.

Source: Daily Express, 9th November 2012


And similarly from the Daily Mail on December 1st 2012:

Adventurous Britons travel seven times further than their parents did by the same age

The average Briton will travel 18,324 miles by the time they reach 40 – almost seven times as far as their parents did by the same age.

Researchers found that on turning 40, the typical adult will have been on at least 13 holidays abroad and another 21 in the UK. 

While today’s Brits are travelling to far flung destinations with their families, on average the previous generation travelled only as far as Italy.

Research shows travellers today are becoming more and more adventurous, with seven in 10 choosing destinations where they can experience unknown cultures and sights.

Source: Daily Mail, 1st December 2012


The same story also made, at least, the paper editions of The Sun and The Daily Star, as well as the paper edition of the Daily Mail.

While it may well be true that people of the current generation travel more than their parents (in face it’s almost guaranteed to be true), as ever the source of the information is vital in figuring out why this research made the news. 

The poll by British Airways High Life magazine found travellers are increasingly adventurous, with seven in 10 choosing destinations where they can experience unknown cultures and sights.

The research came from British Airways, who have something of a vested interest in promoting the fact that people travel by planes an awful lot.

The research was carried out by polling company One Poll, part of the 72 Point PR company.


Looking into the press release fully, and it becomes clear what angle British Airways are pushing: ‘to be part of ‘Generation Curious’ you must be adventurous, and jet-set to far flung places of the world… and British Airways will take you there, including to our selected hottest places to travel in 2013’. 

The Churnalism rating? The Daily Mail article took 88% of the original press release,  while Nathan Rao of the Express contributed barely a word, taking 78% of his short article from the BA press release.