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“It’s important for men to fulfil the stereotype of ‘Gentleman'” says florist

Showing an admirable level of equality in their insistence on telling people to fulfil standar gender roles, the Daily Express had the following advice for the men of today:

What makes the perfect gentleman? One that will offer the last crips in the packet

NEW rules dictate if you are a “modern gentleman”, not least by offering a female friend the last crisp in the bag.

Taking a woman’s car for an MoT and recording favourite television shows are other etiquette pointers, says a poll of 2,000 women.

A true gent will avoid disturbing his woman by sleeping in the spare room after a night out and will watch football on a laptop so as not to hog the TV.

Source: Daily Express, 1st July 2014


That the source of the story was a ‘say it with flowers’ website encouraging men to buy flowers for the woman in their lives has almost certainly little to do with the findings:

A spokeswoman for florists, which ordered the study, said: “The definition of a gentleman has definitely evolved.

“But showing consideration even in the smallest way has a positive effect on relationships.

“The majority of today’s women are independent – but they would still like men in their lives to be thoughtful.”