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“Being a ‘sugar baby’ is glamorous!” says ‘sugar daddy dating’ website

‘I date more than I work!’ Mother, 24, reveals how SUGAR BABY dating helps her to support her three children after leaving an abusive relationship – but she insists it is not prostitution

A mother-of-three who became a sugar baby while fleeing an abusive relationship insists that she will support her children if they one day decide to follow in her footsteps — but she is making sure they will never financially need to do so.

Samantha, 24, from Tuscon, Arizona, is one of the the fifteen finalists in the 2017 Sugar Baby of the Year contest hosted by Seeking Arrangement, a dating site that pairs attractive young women with wealthy older men who will financially care for them.

Source: Daily Mail, 8th November 2016


That’s right, it’s yet another advert in the Daily Mail for ‘Sugar Daddy dating’ website Seeking Arrangement – the website whose business model is almost indistinguishable from prostitution, yet who never struggle to get the Daily Mail to publish 1200 words and a dozen soft-core photos by way of promotion.

“Look how glamorous it is to be a ‘sugar baby’!” says sugar daddy ‘dating’ website

‘I wouldn’t date someone who isn’t rich’: Sugar baby, 25, admits she spends £4,000 a month on designer bags and lavish holidays – paid for by MUCH older men (but she insists she’s not an escort)

Sugar baby Simone Toon claims to be a professional ‘lady of leisure’ – and refuses to give it up.

The 25-year-old, originally from Northamptonshire, is invited to glamorous parties, given thousands of pounds to splash on designer bags and shoes and is whisked away on exotic holidays by older, wealthy men.

Simone’s lavish lifestyle – which she estimates costs £4,000 a month – is funded by sugar daddies, aged up to 62, who pay for her serviced London apartments, gym membership, holidays, designer clothes – and even her two boob jobs.

Source: Daily Mail, 3rd November 2016


A borderline outrage-porn piece from the Daily Mail here, about the lady who makes her living being a ‘sugar baby’ to rich men. The outrage would feel more sincere, if this weren’t a PR story put out by a sugar daddy ‘dating’ site:

Since then, the pampered beauty has also used the website to connect with potential sugar daddies.

Funny how the outrage fades into terms like ‘pampered beauty’, and the celebration of her glamorous lifestyle – because the aim of this story is to make women consider following Simone’s example, and to showcase to wealthy men the kind of women they can apparently find if they sign up to Seeking Arrangement.

“Look at all these women looking for ‘sugar daddies'” says sugar daddy ‘dating’ site

From a saucy single mother to a VERY sultry lawyer, controversial dating website introduces the 15 lingerie-clad beauties who will compete for the title of Sugar Baby of the Year

Fifteen young women who love to be pampered and financially cared for by wealthy older men are competing for the title of Sugar Baby of the Year.

The controversial dating site Seeking Arrangement, which pairs well-off men with attractive women looking to enjoy the finer things in life, is offering this year’s winner of the annual competition a role as a brand ambassador, the cover of the 2017 Sugar Baby Calendar, and a cash prize of $10,000.

Source: Daily Mail, 28th October 2016


The Daily Mail here, cheerily and lustily showcasing the various women competing for the coveted crown of ‘Sugar Baby of the Year’ – a title invented to promote the ‘Sugar Daddy dating website’, Seeking Arrangement.

The site claims to match up rich men who are looking for company with young women who are happy to be paid for their company – as a business model, it’s so strikingly similar to prostitution that the site has been banned in a number of American states, yet the Daily Mail happily promote this PR-derived competition, primarily as an excuse to run photos of young, semi-naked women.

The Daily Mail have form for this: back in 2013, in an article for the New Statesman, I revealed that the Mail printed 29 stories in 11 months, all derived from press releases from Seeking Arrangement or one of its affiliates. Ironically, this astonishing run came at the same time that the Mail celebrated a ‘victory for decency’ in their campaign against online pornography.

It’s disheartening, but not surprising, that the Mail haven’t cleaned up their act. In fact, a cursory Google search shows they have printed at least 26 stories in 2016 derived from PR from Seeking Arrangement. So much for their commitment to decency.