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“Women, come watch some porn!” says porn website

Pornography news now, with the reports in the Mirror and Daily Mail that women are more likely to watch porn on their mobiles than men:

Women watch porn on their mobile phones more often than men, study claims

Nearly 80% of female traffic to porn sites comes from mobile devices

While men still account for the vast majority of pornography consumed online, around a quarter is thought to be consumed by women.

Now a new report has revealed that women are actually more likely to watch porn on their mobile phones than men.

Source: Mirror, 9th March 2017

More women watch porn on smartphones than men: Pornhub reveals 80% of its female viewers use mobile devices

Women are far more likely to look at online porn using their phone than men are, it has been revealed.

Pornhub found that 71 percent of its female users visit the portal using a smartphone and are 16 percent more likely to reach for the device than men.

Source: Daily Mail, 9th March 2017

Important sociological research? Hardly – it’s an advert for a porn website:

The research was carried out my Pornhub to mark International Women’s Day on March 8.

That’s right, women, now you can have true equality – forget the wage gap, the porn gap has closed! So why not celebrate with a sly visit to Pornhub, eh ladies? That’s the purpose of this story, after all.