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“People will judge you for bad interior decor!” says interior decor company

Houseproud news now, with a report in the Daily Mail about the factors visitors will judge your home on:

Revealed: The seven surprising things house guests notice when they visit your home (and why they DO judge you if it’s messy)

There’s few things that strike dread into the heart of any houseproud type than an uninvited guest.

But while you start fretting about the pile of dirty washing by the machine or the peeling paint in the hall when someone drops by unannounced, what are they really looking at?

Source: Daily Mail, 9th March 2017

Clearly we all want our homes to make a good impression, so it’s useful to see this list of things that we can do to make sure we’re not negatively-judged. That the list essentially breaks down to “keep your house clean, and then adopt these interior decorating styles” is no coincidence, given the source of the advice:

Interiors website My Domaine has carried out a survey of its users to find out the most common things people notice when they visit someone else’s house.

So if you don’t want your guests to judge you, I guess you better head over to My Domaine today, right?