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“Your wife-to-be wants to shag a celebrity!” says bridal company

One last fling before the ring! Almost half of brides-to-be admit they would have an affair before saying ‘I do’ – but only with a celebrity

Brides are ditching pre-marital traditions in favor of a more modern approach to their wedding day, according to a new survey.

When David’s Bridal quizzed 500 recently married or engaged women, 93 per cent said that things that were once considered taboo are now acceptable.

Forty-four per cent admitted that they would willingly go for one last fling with a celebrity crush before the wedding – while 17 per cent would rather have one last round with their ex.

Source: Daily Mail, 12th June 2014


Charming to see a bridal company flattering their customers by suggesting impending infidelity right at the moment they’re looking to make a commitment, just in order to gain a few column inches.