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“Sitting down all day can lead to health problems!” says private healthcare company

Lethargy news now, with the revelation that we spend a lot of our time sitting down:

Chair-bound Britons spend 9 HOURS of their day sitting down (the same as a flight to the Caribbean)

If you think you spend all day sitting down, you’re probably right.

In fact, workers in Britain spend nine hours on their backsides each day – the equivalent of a flight to the Caribbean, a new poll found.

Most are spending five hours every day locked firmly in their office chair, managing to escape only for lunch and a quick stretch of their legs.

Source: Daily Mail, 7th February 2017

This isn’t just any old PR story that we’ve seen a million times before – this one is special:

An exclusive survey of 2,000 people for the MailOnline asked people about their daily sitting habits.

An exclusive survey for the MailOnline! Astonishing stuff. Does this mean it’s real research, rather than PR frippery? Not so much:

Jan Vickery, ‚Äéhead of musculoskeletal services for AXA PPP healthcare, who commissioned the research, said:, comments: ‘Sitting for prolonged periods of time can create muscle and joint problems and exacerbate existing ones.

Nope, it’s just an ad for private healthcare. Quite the exclusive…

“Do some housework, you lazy oik, it’s good for you!” says private healthcare company

Infographic news now from the Daily Mail, with the revelation that doing housework can burn calories and improve health:

Can you guess which household chore burns 300 calories? Revealed, the health benefits of vacuuming, cleaning your car and mowing the lawn

Staying fit can be difficult at the start of the year.

Cold, wet weather combined with dark evenings can severely restrict our gym attendance.

But everyday activities such as housework may be able to provide just as many physical benefits, while also supporting mental well-being.

Source: Daily Mail, 15th February 2017

Good to know that basic housework is so good for our health. That said, the originators of the ‘research’ may have some influence on its findings:

In a new infographic, AXA PPP Healthcare has revealed the true benefits of doing typical household activities for an hour…

David Williams, from AXA PPP healthcare, said: ‘Household chores such as hoovering, tidying and changing sheets all exert energy and are great all-round exercises.

‘They also can be of great help in reducing the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and other medical conditions.’

Infographics, as we’ve seen before, are an easy and reliable way of getting coverage for a brand. How valid the ‘info’ they’re ‘graphicking’ is can be quite another matter entirely.