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“Time to start planning your Christmas dinner!” says supermarket chain

Favourite Christmas food REVEALED – and it is NOT the turkey

FORGET the reindeer, the mistletoe and even the tree – Christmas just would not be Christmas without ROAST POTATOES.

The humble roast potato beat turkey, stuffing and Christmas pudding as the most popular food on December 25.

Carrots took the second spot ahead of turkey, gravy, stuffing, ‘pigs in blankets’, parsnips, sprouts, Christmas pud and Yorkshire pudding.

Source: Daily Star, 10th November 2016


UK’s favourite food to eat on Christmas Day revealed

What is the most popular food for a festive dinner?

Britain’s favourite Christmas dinner ingredient has been revealed – and it’s not the turkey.

When it comes to the festive meal, most families opt for turkey with all the trimmings, followed by a mountain of Christmas pud and a good old family row.

Source: Independent, 10th November 2016


Christmas is approaching fast, which means the joy of a big Christmas roast – the greatest of all meals in the calendar, and the highlight of the festive period for so many. So it’s little wonder that the Independent dedicated a whole article to the subject of the best food for Christmas dinner, and even less of a wonder that the article was a press release for a supermarket chain:

But, according to a survey of 2,000 Asda customers, the festive bird doesn’t take the top spot.

The survey, which marks the launch of Asda’s Christmas TV advert this week, also highlighted the 10 days of Christmas, and pointing out that December 5 is the day most of us put up our tree, decorations and watch our very first Christmas-themed movie.

It’s bad enough that the PR and advertising industry has insisted the John Lewis Christmas advert is a ‘thing’ so often that it’s started to catch on, but now we have other big companies trying to jump on the brandwagon. Ho ho ho.

“Women should throw out their old clothes!” says clothes retailer

Half of women can’t throw away clothes that don’t fit – because they hope to lose weight so they can wear the items again

Almost half of women can’t bring themselves to throw away clothes that are too small for them, according to new research.

The study suggests the phrase ‘I have nothing to wear’ really does ring true for almost one in four British women.

Source: Daily Mail, 14th September 2015


Women are terrible hoarders of clothes, even when they know they’ll never be able to wear those clothes again they insist on clogging up their wardrobe with old items. If only they could bite the bullet, embrace their expanding waistlines, throw out all of the old clothes and… presumably go shopping to replenish their collection:

The wardrobe survey of 1,000 women for George at Asda revealed more than half spend up to £360 a year on new clothes.

With women holding on to their clothes despite their increasing girth, according to George at Asda at least, they need all the help they can get in bringing their unruly wardrobe back under control. Fortunately, that’s where George at Asda come in:

A spokeswoman for George said: ‘What this research has revealed is that clothing bought in smaller sizes accounts for a huge percentage of unworn purchases, so it really is important to buy and dress for your size and shape and feel confident in everything you wear.

‘At George, we aim to give our customers ‘smart solutions’ to their wardrobe dilemmas, whether this is a dress to streamline your silhouette, jeans that banish ‘muffin tops’ or beautiful basics that are practical for busy lives.’

How generous of Asda to commission this research purely to offer women help…

“Aren’t burgers scientifically great?” says supermarket chain’s burger promotion


The news was ablaze last week with talk of the scientifically-perfect burger, although what else can you expect on ‘National Burger Day’?

How to make the perfect burger: Oxford food scientist claims to have answer

Oxford University chef says perfect burger is 7cm tall, should be eaten to music, given a name and should feel as good as it tastes.

A leading food scientist claims to have created the perfect burger – and says that its smell and feel are more important than the taste.

The best burgers are 7cm tall, 5cm wide and boast nine layers, according to Oxford University chef and food perception expert Charles Michel.

Source: Telegraph, 26th August 2015


A 7cm wide patty, crunchy lettuce and a warm bun… eaten with your hands: Chef reveals formula for the perfect burger (and how it SOUNDS is as important as the taste)

Making a delicious burger may seem as simple as whacking a beef patty between two sesame seed buns and finishing adding a slice of iceberg lettuce – but scientists are now begging to disagree.

According to new research commissioned by Asda, a great hamburger should stimulate all the senses including sound and feel.

Chef and flavour researcher, Charles Michel, said that the sensation of the burger in our hands and the crunch of the lettuce all add to the overall experience.

Source: Daily Mail, 26th August 2015


National Burger Day 2015: What does your perfect burger look like?

In a now annual tradition, today we gather together, slap meat into a sliced piece of bread, and stick it in our mouths. Here are the burgers we dreamt of waking up to, on National Burger Day morning — and our pick of our favourite real ones.

Source: Independent, 27th August 2015


This is how to make the ‘perfect’ burger for National Burger Day

It’s National Burger Day tomorrow and we’re already salivating in anticipation of perhaps the greatest food day of the year.

But where to go for the perfect burger?

According to chef Charles Michel, your best bet is to stay at home – and cook up his ‘perfect’ burger.

Michel is the chef in residence at Oxford University’s Crossmodal Research Laboratory, where they analyse how our senses work.

He has conducted some Very Important research in labs for Asda to prove scientifically what makes the perfect burger, from the individual ingredients to the entire eating experience.

Source: Metro, 26th August 2015


Who’d have thought there was a scientist out there independently undertaking such important research as figuring out what the perfect burger consists of? And at Oxford University, no less! What a time to be alive… except, of course, that this was not legitimate research, and was by no means independently-derived:

Mr Michel’s work was commissioned by supermarket Asda to celebrate National Burger Day on Thursday.

No, indeed, this was merely a case of Charles Michel being employed to lend his name to a promotion by a supermarket chain. We can even see the full press release on the Asda website, including the infographic featured in the Telegraph and Daily Mail.


In case you’re wondering what Asda’s angle is in this, the obligatory spokesperson quote makes everything clear:

Asda’s beef buyer Neil Moorcroft said: “Burgers have come a long way from a humble beef patty in a bun to a great British favourite and gastronomic dish.

“Wagyu burgers are full of flavour, texture and have a decent amount of fat to carry burger smells to our nostrils. It’s important to us to support food innovation and offer customers something new.

“We want people to listen to the sounds and appreciate all of their senses when biting into their perfect burgers this National Burger Day.”

As for the scientist, I’m not sure Oxford University would relish their name being bandied around quite so cheaply. Yes, relish.

“You should start buying food for Christmas!” says supermarket chain

Christmas is coming, and with it the mandatory need to prepare for that all-important Christmas meal. It may only take nine minutes to eat, but it takes nine months to prepare!

Of course, the average shopper doesn’t need to plan nine months in advance – nine weeks is more than enough preparation time, according to the supermarket behind this pseudoresearch:

Research from Asda reveals that the average shopper will do their Christmas food shop across nine weeks, with their first purchase, usually cranberry sauce, mince pies or Christmas pudding, taking place in October.

Nine months, nine weeks or nine minutes – it doesn’t really matter. All that really matters to Asda is that you spend that time with Asda produce.

“Lots of companies use Christmas as an excuse for publicity!” says everyone, in the Daily Star

Christmas is a great excuse to get coverage for your company – a point which was unintentionally made astoundingly clear in the Daily Star last week, in a story with perhaps the most PR-per-inch of any I’ve ever seen.

“Time to start slimming for that Christmas party dress, ladies!” says clothing retailer

“Time to start buying food for Christmas!” says supermarket chain

Who is behind this drive to encourage all seasonal shoppers to get the Yuletide retail gravy-train in motion early?

Hayley Bolton, a spokesperson for Asda, said: ‘Starting the Christmas shopping early is a great way for busy mums to “tick” an extra to-do off the festive list.

‘Whether it’s using the most convenient shopping methods or managing the budget well in advance of the big day itself, we’ve seen our shoppers get savvy when it comes to buying gifts.

‘We are expecting to see sales of presents start to increase over the weekend as the Christmas shopping season gets truly underway.’

So, a supermarket says it’s time you started buying lots of things from the supermarket.