“Kids would be great if they were in charge!” says film about a kid being in charge

Underage autocracy news now, with the fish-in-the-barrel headline that a child would be better at running the country than Theresa May:

CHILD’S PLAY: 63 per cent of UK’s five-to-12-year-olds believe they could run the country better than Theresa May, study finds

A NATIONWIDE study of the nation’s five-to-12-year-olds has found a staggering 63 percent believe they could do a better job of running the country than the current government.

According to the poll of 1,500 children, if the power was shifted, top of list of laws would be to introduce free cinema tickets for everyone (38 percent), followed by installing swimming pools in every house in the UK (36 percent) and banning parents from saying the word “no” (34 percent)

Source: The Sun, 24th June 2019

Which team wants to make you consider what the world would be like if children were in charge?

The research, to mark the DVD release of The Kid Who Would Be King, found that while British children want to have fun, they’re not unaware of world events – and not worried about diplomacy. More than half (47 percent) of those polled said would immediately send Donald Trump to the Tower of London if they were in charge.