“You need more storage space or your relationship will fall apart!” says home improvement company

Storage news now, with the definitely-not-sexist revelation that women be taking up too much space:

The battle of the sexes is over: Women take up two thirds of the home with men being forced to store their belongings in the garden shed

The battle of the sexes has been won – and it’s women who can claim a major territorial victory.

On average, women’s belongings take up twice as much space in the home as men’s, forcing their husbands or boyfriends to store their stuff in the garden shed.

Men have to manage with just three drawers in the bedroom on average. And one in seven has been granted just the one drawer.

Source: Daily Mail, 23rd June 2019

Why precisely might women be taking up much too much space? Well…

Tidiness guru Sarit Sela said: ‘Relationships are all about compromises. Women’s shopping habits might be different to men’s and so women might need more space.

That’s right: Women Be Shopping.

And it’s not just an abstract, 1980s hack-stand-up issue – this space-hogging from women could have a major impact on a relationship:

Almost 80 per cent of the nearly 2,000 couples quizzed have rowed over storage space, while six per cent of women have even considered breaking up because their partner is too untidy. 

It’s almost as if the company behind this story wanted to find some kind of way to underline how important storage space is!

A spokesman for Anglian Home Improvements, which carried out the study, said: ‘It’s probably time we had a bit of a declutter.’

If only we could have a good old clear out, and throw away some of these annoying, sexist and definitely-not-news PR puff-pieces that are cluttering up the media, maybe we’d have a bit more space for genuine journalism.