“You should go on holiday with your partner!” says holiday company, via OnePoll

Holiday news now, with the shock revelation that couples like to go on holiday together:

Couples are taking ‘make or break’ holidays after just THREE MONTHS together

Modern couples now embark on ‘make or break’ holidays after just THREE MONTHS together, a study revealed.

A survey of 2,000 adults found one in four love-hungry couples take the plunge and head off on a trip together three months or earlier into their relationship.

And around one in five are going on a sunshine break with their other half early in the relationship specifically to test if their partner is worth sticking with for good.

Source: Mirror, 20th June 2019

Which company wants you to question whether it’s time to take your partner away for a romantic getaway?

Karl Thompson, managing director for Sandals Resorts in the UK, which commissioned the study, said: “Whether it’s a couple’s first trip together, a honeymoon to celebrate, or a more traditional break away from everyday life, a getaway with your partner can be the perfect chance to spend quality time together and strengthen those romantic bonds.

“Whilst a week-long holiday may seem lengthy for a first trip away, it can be a good opportunity to see if a new relationship will stand the test of time and whether any romance lasts when you get home.”

This non-news article, published in a national newspaper simply to encourage you to think about booking a holiday, was paid for by a holiday company and placed in the news by PR company 72 Point, whose employee was even given the by-line in the Mirror.