“People don’t have enough time to eat lunch!” says on-the-go lunch company, via OnePoll

How often do you find you’re so over-worked you skip lunch to make sure you can get things done on time? According to a piece of PR put out recently, it’s more common than you might think:

Most Brits are only taking 16 minute lunch breaks each day

Busy office workers are managing to squeeze in a meagre 16 minutes a day for lunch, a study has found.

Researchers found despite having a full hour to enjoy a much-deserved break, many take a quarter of this period to eat, and nearly half will typically dine ‘al-desko’ at precisely 12.43pm.

Source: Mirror, 19th June 2019

Not only are we tied to our desk, but to cap it all off, our hectic on-the-go lifestyle means we end up having the same thing for lunch over and over again:

One in 10 admitted eating the same meal for lunch EVERY day, with the most popular reoccurring choices being a plain cheese sandwich or a meaty ham sandwich.

Which, admittedly, is a useful message for the company behind this PR to send:

The research was commissioned by Quorn, who are encouraging the UK to change their ways with the launch of nine new products, which can be eaten “on the go” as healthy lunch options that are also healthy for the planet.

Chalk up another piece of obviously commercially-motivated article placement to the folk at 72 Point, who even got the byline for the Mirror’s piece: