“People at a certain age should look for a career change!” says recruitment company

Careers news now, with the revelation that once you hit a certain age your career can feel like it hits a plateau:

The older workers keen to learn new tricks: Survey reveals 90 per cent of over-50s are keen to acquire modern skills in the workplace… but a third don’t know how to seek a promotion

Two out of five workers in their 50s believe they face a lack of opportunity to progress in their job, a report has found.

A third did not know how to seek a promotion, and a fifth of the 1,000 employees polled said a lack of training was a barrier to their development.

It raises the prospect of years of untapped potential for older workers as their careers stagnate.

Source: Daily Mail, 11th June 2019

Given that one of the key bits of advice in overcoming the plateau is to seek another job in another industry, it’s little surprise that the two companies highlighting this problem are companies that feel they can offer the solution:

Alexandra Sydney, of Totaljobs, said the results showed a ‘significant proportion’ of the UK workforce felt overlooked.

‘As the number of older workers rises, employers need to ensure they cater to the needs of all employees across the generations,’ she said.

Chris Hickey, of Robert Walters, added: ‘It is not wise to switch off training and development opportunities for those reaching a certain age.’

Which isn’t to say that the research is wrong, but it is to say that it is at the very least heavily biased and commercially compromised, in a way that should require more journalistic scrutiny than a simple copy and paste.

Still, clearly someone at the Mail was fond of this story, because later the same day they released a second article based on the same press release:

How do you win promotion in your 50s? Four tips to rise in the ranks late in your career revealed

If you want to get promoted after reaching your 50s, make your ambitions known to bosses and keep your options open, according to a jobs expert.

Another tip is to reckon up the skills you have that might transfer well to a more age-friendly sector – find out which ones are likely to be most welcoming below.

New research reveals that three in four workers in their 50s believe they have hit a career ceiling with their current employers.

Source: Daily Mail, 11th June 2019