“Maybe it’s time you considered moving out of London!” says estate agent

Housing news now, with the unsurprising ‘news’ that house prices vary across the country:

What £1,000,000 can get you in London compared to other parts of UK

Almost half of all the homes currently for sale in London for £1,000,000 have just two bedrooms or less, data suggests.

One in 10 only have a single bedroom, including studio apartments, according to data from property website OnTheMarket.com.

When it comes to the rest of the country, only five per cent of homes for sale for between £900,000 and £1,100,000 have two bedrooms or less.

Source: Metro, 17th June 2019

Eagle-eyed viewers would have spotted this story comes from online estate agent OnTheMarket.com, who are unsurprisingly keen to encourage you to consider what you could buy if you sold up and moved to another part of the country.