“You should look after your teeth!” says toothcare charity

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done with your teeth? It’s probably not that weird, when all’s said and done. Still, unusual uses for teeth was enough of a story to get the Daily Mail hooked:

From tearing off Sellotape to opening bottles and biting off tags on clothes: Survey reveals the alternative ways Britons use their teeth

From tearing off Sellotape to opening bottles, dentists have revealed the alternative ways British people use their teeth.

Two in three people frequently use their nashers to perform tasks such as ripping out clothes tags or doing up zips.

Source: Daily Mail, 6th June 2019

Before you spend too long trying to work out the logistics of doing up a zip with your teeth (which, according to this “research” 4% of people have done), bear in mind that this whole story was put together by a charity with a keen interest your teeth:

The Oral Health Foundation, who conducted the survey, has warned against using our teeth for anything other than eating.

Now, I’ve no issue with the Oral Health Foundation, and it’s tough for a charity to get attention in the modern world (trust me!), but it’s always disappointing to see a respectable charity grab cheap headlines using the kind of unreliable PR surveys we cover here at Bad PR.