“Everyone wants CCTV cameras installed nowadays!” says CCTV company

Privacy news now, with the revelation that we are constantly being captured on camera:

Brits caught on camera 300 times a DAY in huge Big Brother CCTV surge

In a huge surge, Brits are now captured by CCTV 300 times a day in London.

It would be an all-time high according to a specialist firm in CCTV installation and fear is believed to be a major reason behind it.

Source: Mirror, 19th June 2019

Who might benefit from highlighting just how widespread and popular CCTV cameras are?

The company CCTV.co.uk is also predicting that this figure could rise to over a million by 2025.

Given that CCTV.co.uk sell and install CCTV cameras, it’s little surprise that they’re predicting a rise in sales… especially when they’re paying to put stories in the media about how popular CCTV cameras are. Their spokesperson isn’t at all shy when it comes to emphasising the value of the products they sell, either:

Jonathan Ratcliffe, of CCTV.co.uk, said: “The number of cameras being installed in the capital is growing at a much faster rate than ever before due to private households installing smaller cheaper systems.”

He said: “People are genuinely scared and sharing CCTV footage on social media when the police don’t act fast enough is standard practice these days.

“Doorbell cameras and cheap DIY systems have seen the number of cameras increase, and new commercial buildings have CCTV installed as standard.”