“People should be wearing sunglasses!” says lens manufacturer, via OnePoll

Optical news now, with the report that people have no idea how damaging the sun’s rays can be on the eyes:

Millions of adults turning blind eye to harmful UV rays, study warns

Millions of adults have ‘no idea’ UV rays can damage their eyes, a study found.

Researchers who polled 2,000 people found 28 per cent were unaware they can be affected by UV rays in the winter sun, and three in 10 didn’t know that UV rays can still be damaging on a cloudy day.

More than half agreed you’re more likely to be affected by UV rays in countries with a sunnier climate than the UK, and 55 per cent didn’t know you could suffer damage from UV rays even in the shade.

Source: Mirror, 17th June 2019

The study was put together by a company who sell you eyewear to protect you from UV rays:

The study was commissioned by ZEISS to reveal the state of the nation’s understanding when it comes to protecting their eyes from UV radiation damage.

In fact, the Mirror even handily included the explicit marketing pitch from the company’s press release:

ZEISS lens range with UV Protect technology, offers full UV protection up to 400nm as standard so consumers can take advantage of higher levels of UV protection for the eyes and surrounding skin.

And it’s no surprise by this point that the article was a by-lined reproduction of the original PR copy: