“Workers spend way too long on boring, menial tasks!” says expense-tracking software, via OnePoll

Office news now, with the revelation that much of our time in the office is wasted on small admin tasks:

Average employee wastes three months carrying out ‘pointless’ tasks

The average employee reckons they waste almost 15 weeks a year – carrying out “pointless” tasks at work, according to research.

The study of 2,000 workers found typically 142 minutes a day – more than two hours – are spent doing admin, paperwork and attending meetings when they could be getting on with more important jobs. 

That equates to a staggering 76 working days across a 48 week year, assuming workers take four weeks annual leave. 

Source: Mirror, 12th June 2019

Who has a commercial incentive to send the message that having office workers spend their time on admin tasks is inefficient?

Adam Reynolds, CEO and spokesman for expense management company Webexpenses, which carried out the study, said: “Activities such as claiming expenses, processing invoices and auditing shouldn’t take much time at all, and yet for many businesses stuck in the dark ages, they are.

Here’s the original copy on the SWNS website, which is owned by the PR company 72 Point, who the by-lined ‘journalist’ works for: