“People take photos of important events!” says bread company asking for people’s photos, via OnePoll

Tenuous PR news now, starting with ‘research’ that suggest big moments in our lives tend to happen at specific ages:

Average ages for life’s biggest milestones – how many have you ticked off?

The average age to tie the knot is 26, while buying your first home happens a year later, according to research.

A detailed study of 2,000 adults found the ages at which life’s special moments are most likely to happen, with your first kiss at 15 and getting your first real boyfriend or girlfriend at 17.

Sadly, this is followed by a first heartbreak at the age of 18.

Music fans will attend their first gig at the age of 16, while thrill-seekers will experience their first rollercoaster ride when they are just 12.

Source: Mirror, 17th June 2019

We have to go on a little bit of a journey to spot the PR angle on this one, as this research was paid for and the copy commissioned by a bread manufacturer, who first spin the story from “things happen at certain ages” to “we can remember big events that happen in our lives”:

Melissa Bentley, marketing manager for French bakery brand, Brioche Pasquier, which commissioned the research, said: “Many of us can still remember big life events, even if they happened decades ago.

“But even though memory is a great way of capturing these times, having them in photos and videos is really great to relive some of the key moments of our lives.”

The quote from the marketing spokesperson nudges the angle from “we can remember things” to “we all take photos of big events in order to remember them”, which brings us to the real purpose of this story:

Melissa Bentley added: “Whatever the special moment and whenever a person experiences it, it seems that a lot of us choose to honour the occasion in the form of a photograph.

“And it’s now even easier with most of us people able to reach into our pockets and capture it on our smartphones.

“This summer, that is exactly what we’re asking members of the public to do.

”Share your images of your special moment with us and our favourites will have the chance of winning amazing prizes”.

So from our starting point of “milestone events happen in our lives at certain ages”, we’ve now got to “a bread company wants to see your family snaps”. Convoluted stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree… and not, by any stretch of the imagination, journalism.

Unsurprisingly, this story was written in full by a PR company, and the copy published by the Mirror without any editing:

If it wasn’t poor enough of the Mirror to print the advertising copy verbatim, they once again even end with a hyperlinked call to action, to really please the marketing team:

To enter the Brioche Pasquier #shareaspecialmoment competition and be in with a chance of winning a family holiday worth £2000, visit here and upload a photograph of your family special moment.