“Dads can teach us so many artisan crafts!” says craft goods website ahead of Father’s Day, via OnePoll

Father’s Day proved a reliable a gift for PR companies this year, with plenty of companies building their marketing copy around the theme of dads:

Millennials reviving ‘traditional’ skills like knitting and carpentry – thanks to dads

Millennials are reviving a string of traditional tasks once destined for the history books, according to research.

A study into the traditional skills across generations found young adults are adept at skills such as framing pictures, calligraphy and knitting.

Crafting handwritten letters to keep in touch with loved ones is also among the tasks making a comeback.

Thirteen per cent are even learning woodwork and carpentry – and hand-making items such as tables, chairs, and bookshelves.

Source: Mirror, 9th June 2019

Who felt the need to celebrate dads and their propensity for passing down their crafty skills?

Ella d’Amato, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer for notonthehighstreet, which commissioned the study of 2,000 adults said: “This study is reassurance that practical artisan skills are very much alive – despite a common assumption that young adults don’t have time to be very ‘hands on’.

If the commercial angle isn’t immediately apparent, bear in mind that Notonthehighstreet lists handmade goods by small independent businesses… and according to the company’s marketing hook, many of those business owners learned their craft trade from their dads:

Ella d’Amato for notonthehighstreet added: “We love to see dads of all ages passing their skills onto their sons and daughters.

“In fact, many of the small creative businesses that sell on our platform are using these skills to run successful businesses.

Unsurprisingly, this whole article is a product of 72 Point, from the collation of marketing ‘research’ via OnePoll, to the writing and distributing of the copy – which the Mirror, once again, by-lines to a 72 Point staff member.