“Technology can help us feel more connected!” says smart home technology company

Revealed: Brits spend less than 30 hours a month quality time with friends and family – and more than double that on social media as lack of time with loved ones harms mental health

Families now spend less than an hour a day of quality time together on average, with some parts of the UK spending less than 20 minutes a day with their loved ones.

This lack of time spent nurturing and enjoying our closest relationships is seeing a significant decline in our mental well being, according to a new report commissioned by Hive.  

The report reveals that over half (56%) of the time we spend with our family and friends is not genuine quality time but is in fact wasted – leaving us feeling upset, anxious and embarrassed.

Source: Daily Mail, 17th June 2019

While this story, commissioned by smart-home company Hive, might have some worrying news regarding our mental health, we do at least have some light at the end of the tunnel, in the shape of the internet of things:

Technology has become a vital tool for many, helping us to maintain relationships and give us peace of mind by keeping us informed on each other’s lives, even when we’re not together.

This is particularly true for technologies such as social media, instant messaging, and new smart home apps that can enable families and friends to keep in touch and provide real-time updates. One in five (19%) of us now regularly use these platforms to check up on each other’s welfare, with two fifths (39%) saying technology is ‘essential’ for staying connected to family and friends.

To cap things off, we have a spokesperson from Hive to emphasise the growing role of technology (that Hive sell) in alleviating our social isolation and associated mental health woes:

Claire Miles, Managing Director of Centrica Hive said: ‘Setting aside real, quality time with those we love is becoming increasingly tough to do, as we try to balance the pressures of modern life. At Hive, we are always looking for innovative ways that technology can make this easier, and help give each of us back precious time for the people we love.

‘These findings, launched today in our Quality Time report, show how technology is already playing a much more central role in the way we keep in touch with the people that matter most to us, compared to just five years ago. As we continue to see major socioeconomic shifts in the way we live our lives, it is so exciting to think about the ways in which new technologies can help us get closer to loved ones.’ 

Thank heavens Hive are here, to pay for articles telling us our mental health is at risk unless we invest in smart home technology like the kind Hive sell.