“Lots of European countries are lovely!” says flight comparison site

Europe news now, with an article about how friendly and polite foreign people are, which ran somewhat counter-intuitively in the Mail Online:

Brits vote the Dutch as being the friendliest people in Europe followed by the Portuguese (and the French come last)

The Dutch have been voted as the friendliest people in Europe, according to a poll of Brits.

In total 73 per cent of respondents voted those from the Netherlands as being the most welcoming, closely followed by the Portuguese on 70 per cent.

Meanwhile, the French were identified in the study as being the least friendly people on the continent.

Source: Daily Mail, 14th June 2019

What kind of company might be keen to remind people how charming and lovely many European countries are, especially as we head into Summer holiday season?

The study was undertaken by flight comparison site Jetcost, which polled more than 2,300 people over the age of 18 who said they had been on holiday abroad at least once in the past two years.

So, now you’ve been reminded how pleasant the rest of Europe is, perhaps it’s time to head on over to Jetcost and justify their marketing spend.