“British people like to avoid other Brits while abroad!” says exclusive villa company

National embarrassment news now, with the report in the Mirror that Brits abroad do all they can to avoid standing out:

More than HALF of Brits hide accents when abroad to avoid bad stereotypes

Listen in, mes amis, nearly un in dix of us admit using a fake accent while abroad to avoid idle chit chat with fellow British holidaymakers.

Embarrassed trippers pretend not to speak English and put on cod French, Spanish or German tones.

Source: Mirror, 15th June 2019

While the headline finding is the dubious claim that we Brits try to blend in when we are abroad, it’s actually a secondary stat that carries the main marketing message this PR was designed to convey:

Seven per cent ran off when they heard a fellow Brit and five per cent said they had hidden to avoid UK holidaymakers.

And 69 per cent said they would rather stay in a villa than a hotel, so they didn’t run the risk of meeting another Brit.

Who on earth would benefit from spreading the idea that Brits abroad will be much better off in a villa than in a hotel?

The poll was carried out on behalf of Exclusiveprivatevillas.com.

Of course it was.