“People should buy food that lasts longer!” says long-life milk company

What’s the oldest foodstuff in your fridge right now? And how long will you leave it before you consider it officially “off”? According to the latest PR ‘research’, for the average Brit it might be longer than ideal:

Millions of Brits tucking into food that is past its sell-by date – some by months

Researchers who polled 2,000 adults found we will comfortably consume cheese 10 days after its ‘best before’ date, devour bread five days past its best and feast on fish three days after its freshest

It also emerged Brits will cook raw meat three days past its use by date and consume butter as many as 10 days later. 

Source: Mirror, 6th June 2019

It’s no coincidence that the photo example of food that might be past it’s use-by date shows several pints of milk, nor is it a coincidence to see milk feature prominently in the article:

It also emerged milk and bread are being wasted more than any other products, in line with figures from sustainability charity WRAP which found 490 million pints of milk are wasted every year in the home. 

That’s because the company who put this story together are Cravendale, the long-life milk people:

Despite this, the research commissioned by Arla Cravendale found more than half of UK households still wish fresh food lasted longer, as fears about food waste continue to rise.

And to really put the long-life cream on top, we get a quote from the company spokesperson to drive the commercial message home:

Emma Stanbury from Arla Cravendale said: “It’s always a shame when things go to waste, especially when it comes to fresh foods such as milk, that haven’t lasted as long as we hoped. 

“We are often told by consumers that they feel guilty when have to pour milk away. 

“However, making small changes at home means we can all help to play a part, such as switching to products that stay fresher for longer.”

Company who makes long-life product commissions survey that finds people want a long-life product, and therefore advises people to buy the long-life product. National news, clearly.