“All the cool kids are going on diets these days!” says diet plan

Here’s another great example of a PR story that neatly tucks the commercial angle into a secondary stat, behind the attention-grabbing headline stat:

One in three adults have lied about being on a diet due to shame, study finds

A third of adults who have dieted told NO ONE about it because they were ‘ashamed’, according to a study.

Researchers found many of those who have changed their diet were worried about failing publicly, while others were embarrassed to be dieting in the first place.

Similarly, a third would rather diet alone than do it jointly with someone else.

Source: Mirror, 3rd June 2019

Who placed this PR?

Commissioned by The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan, the new stats show Brits are embarrassed to admit they are eating healthy to try cut a few pounds.

You might think it strange that a diet plan would run with a headline suggesting a diet might be something to feel ashamed about – however, it all makes sense when you notice their real commercial angle, in the next paragraph:

Commissioned by The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan , the research of 2,000 adults found 69 per cent of the population have been on a diet at one time or another.

The ‘shame’ of dieting combined with a lack of support are the reasons healthy eating plans often don’t work out.

So while they might lead with the notion that diets are shameful, they reverse that impression with their main hook, claiming that almost 7 in 10 people have been on a diet, and that it is only stigma and shame that stops people owning up to it in public. Stigma and shame that headlines such as this arguably serve to add to, incidentally.

Mark Gilbert, nutritionist at The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan, said: “Diet shouldn’t be a dirty word – no one should feel ashamed of changing their food intake to achieve their desired goals as long as the diet contains proper nutrition and their goals are appropriate for them.