“You should worry about your home being bugged!” says bug sweeping company

Sometimes, Bad PR tries hard to hide its tracks, to obscure the commercial message and to manipulate readers in a subtle way. Other times, it wears its motivations on its sleeve:

Experts warn of ‘epidemic’ of bugging devices used by stalkers

More funding and legal powers are needed for police to stop a surge of stalkers using eavesdropping devices to spy on victims, experts have warned.

Firms paid to detect the bugs say they’re finding more and more of the devices which are readily available on online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

Source: Metro, 1st June 2019

Who on earth would want to make you paranoid that you might be one of the many victims of a so-called epidemic of eavesdropping device usage?

Jack Lazzereschi, Technical Director of bug sweeping company Shapestones, says cases of stalking and victims being blackmailed with intimate footage shot in secret has doubled in the past two years.

He told Metro.co.uk: ‘The police want to do something about it, they try to, but usually they don’t have the legal power or the resources to investigate.

‘For us it’s a problem. We try to protect the client, we want to assure that somebody has been protected.’

Obviously, a company well-placed to profit from that paranoia.