“Music can be quite calming” says herbal calming remedy with no evidence of effectiveness

How do you like to wind down when you’re stressed? One particular product wants you to think about how you like to relax.

Songs which help Brits ‘keep calm and carry on’ revealed

Louis Armstrong’s ‘It’s A Wonderful World’ is the song busy Brits are most likely to play to help them make it through the day, a study has found.

The soulful 1967 ballad beat The Beatles classic ‘Let it Be’ and Elton John’s ‘Your Song’.

Other popular go-to artists for taking time out include Aretha Franklin, Adele and Ed Sheeran.

A study of 2,000 adults found pop and classical are the favoured choice to help us relax.

Almost half admitted music helps them cope with their hectic lifestyle.

Source: Mirror, 29th May 2019

Which company might have a vested interest in positioning themselves as a brand that cares about your relaxation needs?

The research was commissioned by Rescue Remedy to encourage Brits to tune into inner positive playlists during overwhelming times.

Rescue Remedy’s brand manager, Sandra Niland, said: “It’s clear from the research that our moods and music are closely linked.

“Today’s hectic and ‘always on’ lifestyle can quickly get on top of us and everyday things from the commute to managing a balance of work, family and social life can seem overwhelming.

“We’re encouraging Brits to tune into their inner positive playlist and relate music to feelings of calm and relaxation.”

Rescue Remedy, for the uninitiated, is a brand of Bach Flower remedies – a form of alternative medicine in which ludicrously small amounts of flower extract is diluted into large amounts of water or brandy, and then sold as a cure for what ails you.

It’s also worth pointing out that the marketing and PR budget for companies like Rescue Remedy invariably dwarf the money those companies spend on research and development. Whether their product works or not seems to matter much less to the company than whether they can persuade people to spend their money on it.