“All the cool kids are going to festivals this year” says bank who sponsor festivals

How are you planning to spend your Summer? One company in particular is keen to convince you to eschew foreign climes in favour of the great British music festival experience:

Brits are ditching their summer holidays for trips to music festivals instead

One in five music fans would happily ditch their annual holiday – and go to a festival instead, a study has found.

Factors such as the rising cost of holidays (29%), hotter UK summers (14%) and uncertainties around Brexit (12%) mean many would prefer to enjoy a long weekend of live music instead of heading abroad.

And of those with tickets to a music festival this summer, three in 10 say it is their main trip this year.

Source: Mirror, 29th May 2019

Why might a company want to convince you to stay in the UK and spend your cash at a music festival?

The research was commissioned by Barclaycard to celebrate its partnership with Live Nation and AEG, which sees the sponsorship of eight festivals this summer.

Barclaycard are obviously keen to ensure their sponsorship money hasn’t gone to waste.