“You are definitely not sleeping well enough!” says bed retailer

How well are you sleeping these days? According to the latest research, almost certainly not well enough:

Hitting the snooze button is ‘costing sleepy British workers up to six DAYS a year in lost time’

  • Sales-people hit the alarm snooze button 18 times a week on average, study says
  • They lose a whole five days over the course of a year, according to researchers
  • Marketing, advertising and PR types go to bed at an average time of just 8.48pm 

Hitting the snooze button is costing sleepy British workers up to six days a year in lost time, according to researchers.

A study reveals that sales-people are the worst offenders, hitting the snooze button 18 times a week on average, which works out at dozing for five days and 22 hours over a year.

Daily Mail, 2nd December 2018

It’s fascinating, as a night-owl who has worked in marketing and PR for over a decade, to find that my colleagues are heading to bed before 9pm – while I’m here at midnight tapping out blogs and juggling project updates. It’s almost as if this whole story was generated by a company with a commercial interest in making you question the quality of your sleep…

The survey of 4,000 Britons – commissioned by Bensons for Beds – also looked at bedtimes.