“Finding the time to view a property can be hard!” says house-viewing software company

Here’s an excellent example of a PR story where the main commercial message is buried beneath the fold, with the news that buying a new home can be a lengthy and painful experience:

It takes six months and 24 days on average to buy a home, research finds

IT’S official – it takes six months and 24 days to buy a home, according to research.

Experts looking into the average time it takes to purchase a property have considered all aspects of a move, from viewing houses online to getting the keys and moving in.

They discovered the lengthiest part of the process is exchanging contracts which takes an average of five months and 10 days after putting in an offer on a new home.

Source: The Sun, 28th May 2019

It will obviously come as no shock to anyone who has ever bought a home to hear that the process can be lengthy and annoying. However, that’s just the headline statistic for this story (derived, naturally, from a OnePoll survey), it’s not the main commercial line. The real reason for this article is revealed in some of the other highlighted stats and findings:

When starting the home-buying process, potential buyers will spend around 20 hours looking at 16 homes online…

It also emerged the average homebuyer will view their future home three times before making an offer, taking three friends or family members with them to help make the decision.

The real reason for this article’s existence is to make you think about how long you spend viewing houses – even viewing the same house multiple times – before you commit to buying it. Don’t you find yourself thinking “If only there were some kind of technical solution to make viewing homes much more convenient?” Well, it’s your lucky day…

James Morris-Manuel, vice president for EMEA Matterport, an immersive 3D technology used to create virtual tours of homes on the market, which commissioned the study, said: “Buying a home can be one of the most exciting – and most frustrating experiences of all…

“Even viewing a home can be irritating – having to fit in with the owner’s timing and requirements, not being close enough to view a property as often as you’d wish, and then wanting to revisit when a decision has been made.”

It’s classic Bad PR stuff: set the readership’s frustration with your headline stat, and then move on to the details that really drive home your commercial message, once you’ve got their attention.