“All the cool kids are drinking cocktails these days!” says cocktail ingredient manufacturer

In alcohol trend news, The Sun recently reported on the apparent change in drinking tastes of the nation’s men:

ONLY HERE FOR THE MOJITOS British blokes are snubbing beer on nights out — and ordering cocktails instead, survey finds

A poll of 2,000 British men found that 42 per cent said they preferred sipping cocktails

BLOKES are snubbing beer on nights out — and ordering cocktails instead.

Some 42 per cent say they prefer them to pints, with the rum-based mojito favourite.

Source: The Sun, 28th May 2019

Clearly, this is important and newsworthy sociological research, which can tell us a lot about the changing face of modern masculinity… unless, of course, the source of this story is driven by a clear and compromising commercial incentive.

But a spokesman for Belgrove Rum, which commissioned the poll, said “Men are well on their way to becoming cocktail connoisseurs.”

What a handy coincidence, that a manufacturer of rum would discover there is a growing market for rum-based drinks.