“Everyone is working more than they should!” says finance comparison site

Finance news now, with the revelation in the Sun that we’re all putting huge amounts of unpaid overtime at work:

CALCULATE YOUR TRUE WORTH: New unpaid overtime calculator works out how much money you SHOULD be earning

British workers are putting in more than 8 hours of overtime each week, adding up to 68 days of unpaid work each year

A NEW calculator has been launched to show people how much unpaid overtime they are working – and what this represents in lost income.

It is intended to show how many of us are essentially working several days for free every year.

Source: The Sun, 9th March 2017

It might be the case that we’re working more hours than we ought to, but it seems unlikely that the Sun put much of their time into this one, as it’s essentially an advert for credit and finance comparison site Totally Money:

You can check exactly how much unpaid overtime you’re doing with the new calculator by TotallyMoney.com, which also conducted research around overtime in the UK.