“Your boss is holding you back!” says recruitment consultant

Career progression news now, with the Daily Mail reporting on the factors that are holding people back from getting ahead in their jobs:

The five golden reasons you’re not getting ahead at work (and everyone but YOU is noticing) 

If you’re struggling to secure that much coveted promotion and can’t figure out why, you may need to take a look in the mirror.

According to experts, there are five golden ways you’re hindering your chance of promotion – and everyone but you is aware.

Source: Daily Mail, 7th March 2017

Are you struggling for recognition at work? The Daily Mail is worried you are. Or, more specifically, they’re worried you are on the behalf of recruitment consultancy CV-Library:

From losing your temper to keeping quiet in the wrong situations, Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library, reveals the ways you’re wreaking havoc with your career.

Well, perhaps when you’re done ‘wreaking havoc on your career’, you should turn to CV-Library for help – after all, they only careers they’re jeopardising are the journalists who regurgitate their PR guff unfiltered.