“Some drivers are better than others!” says car-care company

Terrible driving news now, with reports in the Sun and the Express that the worst drivers have changed their stereotypical car brand preferences:

JAG RACERS Jaguar drivers are Britain’s worst with eighty-six per cent admitting to speeding

The car owners, such as Labour peer John ‘Two Jags’ Prescott, have now overtaken BMW to top the shame list

JAGUAR drivers are Britain’s worst motorists, research has found.

A survey discovered 86 per cent admit speeding, 71 per cent regularly fail to indicate and half jump red lights.

Source: The Sun, 28th February 2017

Worst drivers in the UK REVEALED – Do you drive one of these cars?

BRITAIN’S worst drivers have been revealed in a new survey, which explored the worst driving habits motorists admitted to doing on UK roads.

According to the new study, Jaguar drivers are the worst in Britain after admitting to several bad habits included, speeding, talking on their phones whilst driving speeding and not wearing seat belts.

Source: Express, 24th February 2017

Bad news for Jaguar, but good news for BMW… and even better news for the originators of this story, tyres and autocare company National:

The data, released by National.co.uk, discovered that four fifths of drivers admitted to at least one of the offences.

Both newspapers lifted heavily from National’s press release on their study, with much of the copy reproduced verbatim.