“Your officemates have terrible manners, haven’t they?” says recruitment site

Office etiquette news now, with the Independent reporting on the worst things an office-mate can do around their colleagues:

Six biggest workplace lunchtime taboos from eating smelly food to taking no break at all

Earlier this month, Lloyd’s of London, the insurance market, slapped a ban on its employees drinking alcohol during the working day

When you work in close proximity with the same people day in day out, it’s inevitable that you’ll get peeved off by some of your colleagues’ seemingly unremitting habits.

Source: Independent, 27th February 2017

Those officemates of yours, they’re annoying and rude, aren’t they? Perhaps you should leave your job and look for new colleagues, right? That’s the message the originator of this story wants to send:

At lunchtime, scope for annoying work mates (both in a food-related and in a non-food related ways) is particularly high, according to CV-Library, one of the country’s biggest online job sites…

“Although how you choose to spend your lunchtime, and what you eat is down to personal choice, it’s clear that there are certain faux pas that professionals find hard to ignore,” said Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library.

So while you’re considering the etiquette of your current colleagues, why not consider getting a new job, perhaps via CV-Library, right?