“Working in an office can be expensive!” says building society

Office news, from the Daily Mail, with the revelation that working in an office is terribly expensive:

Office tea runs, whip rounds and sponsoring colleagues for charity cost you £40,000 over your working life

Office workers will spend an astonishing £40,000 in whip-rounds for colleagues, tea runs and other incidentals by the time they retire, research claims.

The bill, which also covers work clothes, socialising with colleagues and sponsoring them to do charity events, works out at £1,000 a year, a survey reveals.

Source: Daily Mail, 9th January 2017

Is this really a tale of whip-round whingers? Perhaps not, with the obvious inclusion in the figures the total-bloating additions of “work clothes” and “socialising with colleagues” – hardly what springs to mind when worrying about the cost of working in an office. In fact, as it breaks down:

The survey found that on average workers spent £102.24 a year on drinks and nights out with colleagues, £96.48 on Christmas parties, £66.60 on birthday cards and presents, £66.36 on the tea run, £64.32 on sweets and treats, £50.28 on leaving presents, £47.04 on wedding gifts, £44.64 on charity and sponsorship requests, £43.92 for colleagues’ new babies and £39.24 on retirement gifts.

Such precise figures, for such imprecise measures! Fortunately, accurate representations of office live aren’t the point of this story; instead, the real message is in the originators of the press release:

The £40,000 total, calculated by Nationwide Current Accounts and based on a 40-year working life, equates to around two years’ take-home pay for the average UK worker.

As ever, it’s just an embellished, embedded advert, disguised as news, this time promoting a building society current account.