“French people have sex!” says dating website

Sex news, from the Independent, with the revelation that French people have sex:

Parisians’ unbridled sexual habits laid bare in new survey

Parisians’ unbridled sexuality has been laid bare in a new studywhich finds that a far higher proportion than the national average are unfaithful, while almost third have partaken in a threesome and a quarter an “orgy”.

The number of people Parisians have slept with is 19 on average – almost twice the national average and more than twice the number of sexual partners Londoners have had judging by a recent cross-Channel poll.

Entitled Paris, City of Light, City of Debauchery?, the new survey by respected polling institute Ifop confirms the French capital’s reputation as “the land of sexual liberty par excellence” and also defines the city as a “haven for sexual minorities”.

Source: Telegraph, 4th January 2017

Stereotype-ticking stuff from the Telegraph here, confirming that the French are fond of sex. Throw in cigarettes, black and white films and an existential ennui and you’ll be starting to fill the stereotype bingo card. Of course, the staggering revelation that Parisians procreate is actually just a delivery mechanism for a PR message from the originators of this piece:

Starting with sexual orientation, almost a fifth of Parisian men declare themselves to be gay or bisexual, compared to 11 per cent for the rest of the country, found the survey, which was conducted for the CAM4 dating website.

Another day, another PR piece for a dating website.