“People don’t even know what a vegetable is!” says vegetable producer

Food news now, in which the Daily Mail explain why the average British person is “food illiterate”:

Are you food illiterate? 37 million Brits fail to eat their five-a-day – while some believe TURKEY constitutes fruit and veg intake

Health experts recently insisted we eat ten portions of fruit and vegetables per day.

But that may be a struggle for the majority of Britons, a new survey has revealed.

Three-quarters of us fail to manage to include just five portions of the healthy produce in our daily diet.

In addition, nearly fifty per cent regularly have days were they fail to consume any freshly-grown food at all.

Source: Daily Mail, 1st March 2017

Sadly, according to this research, people are so ignorant about fruit and vegetables that they wouldn’t even recognise a fruit or a vegetable if they saw one. Of course, this research was commissioned by a company with an iron in the fire:

Commissioned by Dole Packaged Foods Europe in aid of More Fruit Month, the research also revealed some alarming beliefs around diet.

Dole Packaged Foods Europe are, according to their website, ‘the world’s largest producer and marketer of fresh fruit and vegetables’, so it’s pretty clear why they might want to suggest people need more education and awareness of the produce in their diet.