“People get bored by repetitive lunches!” says lunch food company

Ham news now, with the revelation that people eat the same lunch every single day:

One in six people have had the same lunch for at least two years, survey finds

They say variety is the spice of life – but apparently that doesn’t ring true when it comes to lunchtime.

In fact, one in six people admitted they have sat down to the same lunch every day for at least two years, blaming a lack of inspiration and the need to save money.

Source: Telegraph, 13th February 2017

Got a ham sandwich for lunch today? One in six workers admit eating the same thing every day for two years 

A worker has admitted they have eaten a ham sandwich, with a piece of fruit, every day since they started work 20 years ago.

Another said they have eaten the same box of chopped vegetables, tuna and a boiled egg every day for the last two years.

The revelations came in a survey on lunch eating habits.

Source: Daily Mail, 13th February 2017

Who eats the same lunch every single day of the year? Well, people who are filling in online surveys as quickly as possible without considering their answers in order to make minuscule amounts of money, that’s who.

And who is this headline in service of?

The study, which was carried out by New Covent Garden Soup and polled 2,000 people, also revealed a staggering 81 per cent of people are ‘bored’ by their lunch choices.

In case you’re wondering, yes: New Covent Garden Soup do make soups that you can have for lunch. They probably have enough of a range that you could have a different one each day of the week, I imagine we’re meant to spontaneously think.