“You waste a lot of your time on meaningless activities!” says parking association

Time-wasting news from the Daily Mail, with a detailed breakdown of how each of us spend our lives, hour by hour:

30 hours crying, 17 weeks having sex and 368 days in the pub: How much time do you spend on different activities across an entire lifetime? New research reveals figures that will jolt you…

Source: Daily Mail, 3rd February 2017

Who commissioned this research designed to make us take stock of how long we spend on each little task in our lives? Bizarrely enough:

With an average life expectancy of 80, does it make sense to fritter away four years of it on the phone at work, more than a year in traffic jams and, according to a new survey by the British Parking Association, 248 days searching for a parking place?

While the lengthy article goes into forensic (if utterly meaningless) detail on the hours we spend having sex, sleeping, laughing, crying, exercising, working, browsing social media, browsing porn (thank you, Onepoll), shopping, ‘ogling’, ‘preening’, smoking, in meetings, commuting, sitting in traffic, doing housework, recovering from a night out, listing to music, watching tv and going to the cinema,  all of those figures are mere decoration and distraction, when the real goal is to make us consider how much time we spend looking for a parking place. Genuinely.