“People have sex!” says pharmacy company launching a range of lubricants

Sex news in the Daily Mail, here, with the revelation that you’re statistically likely(ish) to be having sex at a certain point on a Sunday morning:

Sex O’Clock: Survey reveals 9am on Sunday is the most popular time to get intimate – but don’t expect passion to peak at 9pm on a Tuesday!

You’re not alone if you enjoy morning sex on the Sabbath.

New research shows that 9am on a Sunday is the most popular time of the week for British couples to get busy between the sheets.

While Tuesday at 9pm is the least desirable opportunity for intimacy, according to a survey of 2,000 adults.

Source: Daily Mail, 1st February 2017

The company behind this piece of research?

Commissioned by Superdrug, the results also noted that Saturdays are collectively more popular than every other day.

Ironically enough, Superdrug were also the company who in 2011 claimed, based on equally sound research of theirs, that women only feel sexy once per week – on a Saturday night (except, of course, when they’re buying the requisite products from Superdrug to feel better about themselves).

So I suppose we have to believe that most women have sex when they aren’t feeling sexy, or that over the last six years the social landscape has shifted by around 12 hours like the libidinal equivalents of tectonic plates. Or, perhaps, Superdrug’s research is meaningless PR guff. Motivated PR guff, indeed:

Conveniently, Superdrug co-ordinated their research with the launch a new range of of sexual lubricants.

It’s more than a little rich of the Daily Mail to play the knowing “conveniently” line here, when they conveniently publish PR non-stories like this on a daily basis in their quest for cheap and plentiful clicks.