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“Your partner is lying to you!” says TV show about liars

Deception news now in the Daily Star. Admittedly, that’s a phrase that could preface most of their articles, but this particular instance concerns the list of things your partner is lying to you about:

From cheating to orgasms – the biggest lies we tell our partners revealed

COUPLES reveal the worst bare-faced lies they’ve told their lover.

We’ve all told little white lies at times, but some people have been brave enough to share the sordid tall stories they’ve gotten away with.

According to a new survey, a whopping 75% of Brits admitted lying to their partners and one in 10 reckon they do it regularly – with men expected to tell the most porkies.

Source: Daily Star, 9th March 2017

Could it be true that we’re seeing a monumental breakdown of trust in marriages across the country? Possibly not, given the motivations of the PR team behind this story:

The poll of 2,000 adults by TV show Imposters also found that a quarter of the population don’t completely trust their current partner and 5% don’t trust them at all.

If you’re unfamilar with Imposters as a TV show, it’s a show about con artists. Which puts the ‘people lie!’ angle of this press release into somewhat helpful context.

“Property is a great little earner, but you’ll need a good mortgage!” says mortgage provider

Housing news now, with the revelation that your house may be rising in value at a higher rate than your salary, depending on where (in the South) you live:

Ten places your home will make you more than your job: Homeowners ‘earn’ up to £91k more from their properties than from going to work

  • The average rise in house prices outstrips the average rise in wages in a third of local authorities
  • London boroughs dominate the top 10 list of locations
  • The biggest gap between house prices and earnings is in London’s Haringey, where homeowners ‘earn’ £91k more from their home than by going to the office

Homeowners are ‘earning’ more from their properties than from turning up for work, new research suggests.

Source: Daily Mail, 10th March 2017

This is obviously great news, if you 1) live in one of those places, 2) are looking to sell your house, and 3) aren’t looking to then have to buy a place to live – because prices are apparently rising faster than wages, haven’t you heard?

Of course, this story is little more than a reminder that getting your foot on the property ladder is important, and for that you’ll need a bank or building society… like, perhaps, Halifax?

The average rise in house prices is outstripping the average rise in wages in a third of local authority districts, according to the report by Halifax…

Martin Ellis, housing economist at Halifax, said: ‘Buoyancy in the housing market over the past two to five years has resulted in homes increasing in value by more than total take-home earnings for the average homeowner in many areas, though mostly in southern England.

‘While it’s no longer unusual for houses to ‘earn’ more than the people living in them in some places, there are clearly local impacts.

“Homeowners in these areas can build up large levels of equity quickly, but for potential buyers whose wages have failed to keep pace, the cost of buying a home has become more unaffordable during that time.’

“Looking good can be expensive if you don’t use discounts!” says discount website

Make-up news now, with the report in the Express that women are spending vast amounts of money on their appearance:

REVEALED: The average woman spends THIS much a lifetime on her appearance

THE average woman spends around £70,000 on her appearance during a lifetime, a survey found.

The new research also claims nearly £34,000 of this is spent on her face alone.

In a bid to stay looking young, nearly a quarter of women said they would consider cosmetic surgery and one in five women admit to spending up to £19.99 a month on anti-ageing facial products.

Source: Express, 9th March 2017

It’s pricey being a woman, clearly, with all of the aesthetic products the average woman is mandated to buy. However, the real crux of this article isn’t on make-up, but on a new health fad:

In a bid to encourage a healthy lifestyle and help combat the strains of using modern technology, Groupon has teamed up with face yoga expert Danielle Collins to create a unique and brand new fitness workout for the face.

You might wonder just how expensive this new fad is – fortunately, the originators of this piece can assure you there are ways to save money:

According to the survey by Groupon women spend on average £1,352 a year on looking after their appearance, equating to over £70,294 in their lifetime. The massive spend includes gym memberships, manicures and minor cosmetic procedures…

A Groupon spokesman said: “We’re always on the lookout for new trends and facial fitness is definitely something more people are becoming interested in.

“Our research shows that for those who already do yoga and see the benefits of it, they’re open to the idea of applying the same principles to exercise their face muscles. It’s quick, fun, and free – proving that keeping fit doesn’t have to break the bank.”

That’s Groupon, the discount website, who just might have discounts available for their new style of yoga, just maybe.

“Everyone is working more than they should!” says finance comparison site

Finance news now, with the revelation in the Sun that we’re all putting huge amounts of unpaid overtime at work:

CALCULATE YOUR TRUE WORTH: New unpaid overtime calculator works out how much money you SHOULD be earning

British workers are putting in more than 8 hours of overtime each week, adding up to 68 days of unpaid work each year

A NEW calculator has been launched to show people how much unpaid overtime they are working – and what this represents in lost income.

It is intended to show how many of us are essentially working several days for free every year.

Source: The Sun, 9th March 2017

It might be the case that we’re working more hours than we ought to, but it seems unlikely that the Sun put much of their time into this one, as it’s essentially an advert for credit and finance comparison site Totally Money:

You can check exactly how much unpaid overtime you’re doing with the new calculator by, which also conducted research around overtime in the UK.

“London is a miserable place!” says personal finance company

Capital news now, with the revelation in the Independent that London is an unhappy place:

London is the least friendly city in the UK, study reveals

It’s official. London is the least friendly place in the whole of the UK.

A city famed for its frostiness and where talking on the tube is a serious no-no, London came out bottom in a recent survey called “Unbroken Britain.”

Source: Independent, 9th March 2017

Rather than a piece of broad-spectrum sociological research, this is a press release put out by a personal finance provider to highlight an interactive map tool they’ve created, and to generally get some publicity:

Provident Personal Credit asked 2,642 people on a scale from one to 10, how they felt about their local area encompassing eight separate factors from how clean and safe it felt, to how welcoming or gossipy the locals are.

“People will judge you for bad interior decor!” says interior decor company

Houseproud news now, with a report in the Daily Mail about the factors visitors will judge your home on:

Revealed: The seven surprising things house guests notice when they visit your home (and why they DO judge you if it’s messy)

There’s few things that strike dread into the heart of any houseproud type than an uninvited guest.

But while you start fretting about the pile of dirty washing by the machine or the peeling paint in the hall when someone drops by unannounced, what are they really looking at?

Source: Daily Mail, 9th March 2017

Clearly we all want our homes to make a good impression, so it’s useful to see this list of things that we can do to make sure we’re not negatively-judged. That the list essentially breaks down to “keep your house clean, and then adopt these interior decorating styles” is no coincidence, given the source of the advice:

Interiors website My Domaine has carried out a survey of its users to find out the most common things people notice when they visit someone else’s house.

So if you don’t want your guests to judge you, I guess you better head over to My Domaine today, right?

“Having the wrong interior decor can stop your house selling!” says interior decor company

Property news now, with the revelation in the Sun and the Express that people might be lowering their chances of selling their homes:

WOOD YOU BELIEVE IT? Do you have THIS design feature in your home? It’s probably why your property WON’T sell

Wood panelling could seriously devalue your house, as nearly half of people would be put off buying it if it contains the interior design trend

THE ten least favourite interior design trends that put prospective homeowners off buying a property have been revealed… and top of the list is wood-panelling.

Location, size of rooms and kerbside appeal are all important, but a recent study found buyers are also VERY picky about the superficial.

Source: The Sun, 9th March 2017

REVEALED: Do you have THIS in your home? It’s why your property WON’T sell

SELLING a house can be a difficult task, and having certain interior design features in your home could be affecting your property sale.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, it’s important to think about which of your property’s features might be considered attractive or not.

When preparing your home for sale, replacing something outdated or universally unloved could help you to secure a buyer or could go some way towards you achieving your desired asking price.

So what are the interior design trends that could knock value off your property?

Source: Express, 9th March 2017

Clearly having precisely the right kind of interior decor is important – making a poor decision, like opting for wood panelling, could lumber you with a property you simply can’t sell. So who can we thank for this important advice?

According to’s survey of 2,000 Brits, wood panelling is the design trend most likely to knock value off a property.

More specifically, 46 per cent of those taking part said they wouldn’t buy a property if it still had old fashioned wood panelling.

You might think it strange that would complain about wood panelling, which you’re unlikely to have in your bathroom. But putting a bathroom-related issue at number one would be a little too on-the-nose – however, at number two:

Avocado bathroom suites come next. The study calculated that an outdated avocado suite knock almost £5,000 off a property’s value.

Bathrooms estimates that approximately 1.2 per cent of the population still have an avocado bathroom suite – almost 325,000 across the country.

So when you’re done dealing with your wood panelling – which you probably don’t actually have – you know what to work on next, and who to turn to for help.

“Women, come watch some porn!” says porn website

Pornography news now, with the reports in the Mirror and Daily Mail that women are more likely to watch porn on their mobiles than men:

Women watch porn on their mobile phones more often than men, study claims

Nearly 80% of female traffic to porn sites comes from mobile devices

While men still account for the vast majority of pornography consumed online, around a quarter is thought to be consumed by women.

Now a new report has revealed that women are actually more likely to watch porn on their mobile phones than men.

Source: Mirror, 9th March 2017

More women watch porn on smartphones than men: Pornhub reveals 80% of its female viewers use mobile devices

Women are far more likely to look at online porn using their phone than men are, it has been revealed.

Pornhub found that 71 percent of its female users visit the portal using a smartphone and are 16 percent more likely to reach for the device than men.

Source: Daily Mail, 9th March 2017

Important sociological research? Hardly – it’s an advert for a porn website:

The research was carried out my Pornhub to mark International Women’s Day on March 8.

That’s right, women, now you can have true equality – forget the wage gap, the porn gap has closed! So why not celebrate with a sly visit to Pornhub, eh ladies? That’s the purpose of this story, after all.

“People have sex!” says voucher company looking for cheap headlines

Sex news now, with the Sun reporting on the most popular sexual positions around the country:

The North East loves it doggy style and East Anglians prefer the reverse cowgirl… but what’s the favourite sexual position in YOUR area?

In some cases, it seems that our favoured positions for bonking come down to the region we live in

WHEN it comes to sex, we all have our preferences.

But, in some cases, it seems that our favoured positions for bonking come down to the region we live in.

Source: The Sun, 9th February 2017

While there is doubtlessly some value to genuine researchers studying how different populations go about their sexual relations, it’s fair to say this isn’t that – this is PR-based market research to deliver an advert for a promotional voucher website:

The research, which was conducted by, was part of an ongoing study into Britons’s intimate lives.

“People need help buying their first home!” says mortgage provider

House buying news now, with the report in the Mirror and the Daily Mail that the younger generation are increasingly taking loans from their grandparents to try to get deposits together as they aim to get on the property ladder:

The bank of gran and grandad helps first-time buyers: One in ten rely on their relatives to help them get onto the property ladder

  • Some eight per cent of first-time buyers rely on cash from their grandparents
  • Compares with 13 per cent of existing home owners asked family to help
  • On average people planning to buy first home expect it will take them five years

Nearly one in 10 aspiring first-time buyers are turning to the ‘bank of gran and grandad’ to help fund their deposit, a survey has found.

Source: Daily Mail, 6th March 2017

Record levels of first time buyers asking grandparents for help – 4 schemes to get you there alone

As well as saving parents thousands on childcare, retirees are also helping today’s generation make it on the ladder by contributing thousands to their first home deposit

Forget mum and dad, one in 10 aspiring first-time buyers are turning to the “bank of gran and grandad” to help raise their deposit, Santander research has found.

Source: Mirror, 6th March 2017

Admittedly, the Mirror’s coverage tips its hand a little, running the name of the company behind the story in the first paragraph after the headlines: Santander bank.

Miguel Sard, managing director of mortgages, Santander UK said: “Despite having to use alternative income streams over and above their salary – such as relying on the bank of gran and grandad – today’s first-time buyers are demonstrating resilience and determination to achieve their home ownership goals.”

While it’s almost certainly the case that millennials are having to borrow money from their elders – whose mortgages were more aligned to their income – it’s also the case that this story is just a way for Santander to advertise their services to first-time buyers.